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Hey glam whos your man

First time posting after finally finding this amazing community. Only pics I have to display some of my glam warddrobe is when myself and a friend of mine both dressed up as Bowie for halloween. All the clothes in the following images are my day to day clothes. <3

Note, the guitar was left at home cause I didn't want to lug it around the bar.

This is Ben dressed up as Bowie in my gold pants! Ben Dressed up as Bowie wearing my gold pants

 Bowie and Bowie at the beginning of the night.

I essentially described it as if bowie traded his majestic cock for a HUGE rack

After the eyepatch broke

Last but not least.

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cool photos! Could you put them all (but one )under a cut though?
I'm trying to, and it's not working! I'll try and fix it. I saw that.
I completely understand! I'm using google chrome and it makes posting to lJ a pain. The LJ cuts always screw up on me.
You can highlight everything and then click the lj cut button. That should work.
That's what I did!